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Converting Passive Followers Into "Win-or-Die" Loyalists

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Clients: Al Jaish Sports Club, Industry: Public Sector, Expertise: Brand Communications


As part of the driving momentum toward the Qatar 2022 World Cup, Qatar’s Al Jaish Sports Club of the national armed forces wanted to shake up the current dreary state of club sports in Qatar.


Al Jaish wished to become the adrenaline-infused alternative team to cheer for. In a league characterized by a handful of tired, established, dominant teams, Al Jaish Sports Club set to inject Qatar’s First Division with a more cutthroat approach to football, providing fans with a thrilling homegrown sports entertainment never before seen on Qatari turf, armed with a particularly potent slogan for a club comprised of soldiers —Win or Die.


FITCH built a bespoke brand identity platform for the team and designed both 2D and 3D materials, including the logo and uniforms, brand communications, website, and outdoor branding of the sports club villas, reigniting the hearts of local football fans and converting passive followers into ‘win-or-die’ loyalists.