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Amlak: Bringing Assets To Life

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Clients: Qatar Foundation, Industry: Consumer Goods and Services,


Amlak means “ownership” in Arabic: a fitting name for a powerful holding group that owns, manages and operate Qatar Foundation assets. As the commercial arm of QF, Amlak has since formed a strategic portfolio that includes convention and exhibition centers, hospitality, leisure, real estate and retail.


FITCH needed to create both a commercial brand that can compete in the local market, but also a brand with a credible sense of humanism that will enable the company to develop trusting partnerships within the non-profit world of Qatar Foundation.


Resolving this contrast is a brand identity that is confident, sleek and polished, lending the impression of vitality, drive and precision — and also idealism. Inspired by the words of Amlak CEO: “You have all these empty buildings lying around, all these dreams stuffed in your desk… let’s create something together, let’s bring them to life!” Today, the brand Amlak is synonymous with the brand promise: Bringing Assets To Life.