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Branding Regional Landmark Etihad Towers, Abu Dhabi

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Clients: Etihad Towers, Industry: Hospitality,


A truly guest-oriented destination comprised of top-market residential, commercial, retail, hotel facilities and amenities, Etihad Towers is to set the benchmark against which all developments within Abu Dhabi, the UAE and the Middle East aspire. Etihad Towers is to become a landmark brand, forming a fundamental component to Abu Dhabi becoming a truly contemporary expression of an Arab Capital City.

FITCH was appointed to assess the nomenclature of Etihad Towers, put together its brand architecture and design the brand identity from stationery to marketing material and digital media. FITCH was also asked to evaluate and guide the brand signage.


The affluent consumer is changing and new trends are emerging: memorable brand experiences are becoming more important than trophies of wealth. As a symbol of the growth of Abu Dhabi, and in contrast to the ‘flashiness’ of Dubai, the city’s new landmark is to convey a sense of understated elegance and sophistication, recognized for delivering a personal and authentic experience.


Instead of positioning itself as a ‘mixed-use’ development, Etihad Towers is to be perceived as a multi-faceted ‘mini-city:’ an all-encompassing, fully functional, integrated destination — with a distinctive character and personality. As a result, the brand architecture created by FITCH simplifies the experiences of the brand into five key categories; living, working, shopping, dining and staying. Exciting and enticing, yet understated; exclusive but not excluding, the brand effectively conveys its central message across its different offerings and to all of — “You are welcome.”