Work / Singapore / Identity and Pack Design

Ancient wisdom for everyday harmony


Clients: Coca Cola, Industry: Consumer Goods and Services, Expertise: Brand Communications


The challenge was to combine compelling authenticity with a level of taste appeal and accessibility that would resonate with a Western audience. We also worked to identify a visual language that would evoke positive associations for its target market, and to find the cues that both suggested the “Eastern promise” of health and harmony and bypassed latent fears about food safety and taste.

FITCH worked with the Coca-Cola Company in Hong Kong to determine the brand positioning, personality and values for the new product before embarking on creating its identity and pack design.


FITCH won a three-way-paid creative pitch in 2007 to help Coca-Cola create and launch a new brand of health beverages—a range of drinks inspired by Traditional Chinese Wisdom. Jian Chi blends are inspired by 5,000-year-old recipes, a mix of natural juices, herbs and botanicals selected for their health-giving properties.


The central feature of the identity and pack design is a “yin/yang” symbol that has been customised to blend into illustrations of fruits and herbs. In this way, the powerful iconography of this ancient symbol is anchored to the healing power plants in every Jian Chi recipe.

The Jian Chi logotype was hand-crafted to evoke the elegant brushstrokes of Chinese calligraphy. It later inspired us to develop an entire customised alphabet and font.