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FITCH Creates Brand Identity for Qatari "Cultural Village"

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Clients: Katara, Industry: Not for Profit, Expertise: Brand Communications


Katara reigns as a 99-hectare cultural ‘mega-venue’ consisting of a massive amphitheater, art galleries and museum spaces, an opera house, theater venues, a cinema, academic facilities, cultural society offices, several lavish event halls, and much more.

With different festivals, exhibition, forums and other cultural events happening nearly every day, Katara brings something novel to its visitors each time. Nicknamed “Cultural Village,” Katara aims to position itself in the region as a meeting place for the educated and creative, and as an avenue for multicultural exchange, creating a space that offers “culture for everyone.”


Although the two-year young venue was widely renowned for its aesthetic grandeur, ineffective brand communications created a stumbling block for Katara in its aim to become a creative hub for cultural diversity and exchange. The brand needed substance as well as beauty, and to express itself with a tone of voice that is inclusive, engaging and alive.


Inspired by the projection of light through arabesque, the brand language created by FITCH tells the story of Katara through the seamless blending of patterns from different cultures. From the initial arabesque-inspired patterned base there emerges a sea of cultural evocations from all across the world, reflecting the brand essence of Katara — “A World of Discovery” — playfully evoking a sense of intrigue and creative possibility. FITCH also created comprehensive Tone of Voice Guidelines and held copywriting training sessions for a wide range of Katara employees. Because in Katara there are no visitors, only participants; we’re not there simply to watch a show — we’re all part of the act.