Work / Singapore / Stand Design Scheme for Global Tradeshows

A tradeshow stand to sell Singapore


Clients: Singapore Tourism Board, Industry: Public Sector, Expertise: Architecture and Implementation


The stand needed to:

  • Create impact and visibility in the tradeshow environment
  • Capture the “Uniquely Singapore” brand proposition
  • Offer a functionally efficient and comfortable space for meetings between trade partners

The stand also needed to be scalable for use across five tradeshow events throughout the world during the space of five months.


FITCH was asked by Singapore Tourism Board to design a modular stand for travel, hospitality and business tradeshows.


The solution is an iconic installation with a layering effect inspired by the country’s diversity.

The eight-metre-high gauze exterior holds projections of dense tropical foliage underlining Singapore’s “Garden City” reputation. Suspended from the ceiling, the fabric gives impact that is rare in tradeshow environments. A display of orchids, the national flower, encircles the structure. The stand was a high-visibility booth that forged differentiation in a cluttered arena.

Full-height graphic panels communicating key city landmarks provide the backdrop for secluded meeting booths, allowing trade partners to discuss business away from the hustle and bustle of the exhibition.

The epicentre houses an interactive scale model of the Singapore Formula 1 night racetrack, crafted from high-gloss lacquered folded steel and integrated LEDs. Light levels are lower here, and rubber flooring provides the feel and smell of a Formula 1 pit stop.

This impressive tradeshow stand has helped build Singapore’s image as an exciting and vibrant destination for tourism and investment. It has taken Singapore’s diversity, dynamism and vibrancy to the world, reflecting the richness and innovation of the city.