Offices / Seattle

Pioneering design on the west coast

A centre of entrepreneurialism and innovation on the West Coast, category-making Seattle-based clients such as Microsoft, The Boeing Company, Starbucks and Amazon have partnered with FITCH to build meaningful customer experiences.

Extending our reach beyond the West Coast, FITCH North America has offices in Columbus, Phoenix, and Atlanta, with whom we frequently collaborate and share resources.

Recent work from Seattle


Microsoft Hardware Packaging


Peripherals shoppers visited stores two- to three times before buying, with many abandoning the purchase in-aisle because they felt More


EarthCorps Identity Refresh


Groundbreaking competitive benchmarking uncovered that EarthCorps should focus on its innovative leadership training to set it apart More

Fixtures Living

Creating a Joyful Journey


The charge was to create a groundbreaking retail experience that engages the senses, fires the imagination and brings joy into the More

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