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Shoreditch Grind is the latest coffee shop to open up on the rather bleak Old Street roundabout in East London.


A small start-up with a strong ‘organic coffee ethos’ – the Shoreditch Grind stands out amongst the coffee-shop chains in the area. With large signage resembling a1950’s cinema and reading ‘More Coffee, More sex’, it certainly catches the eye. The white-washed brick walls, wroughtiron staircase and low level lighting are complimented by the natural light from the almost-entire glass façade. Consumers sit on tall stalls at the bar facing out to the street- and with the serving bar situated at the back, the store is left open, creating a spacious and welcoming environment that feels very ‘NYC’.

Coffee culture finally seems to be taking off in the UK. Consumers are turning away from global chains, and are seeking out local, independent coffee stores that focus on design. With only 8.3% of consumers buying coffee to takeaway (Mintel 2011) the Shoreditch Grind has done well to focus on interior aesthetics.

Consumer Insights: Positioned just outside Old Street tube station and close to an abundance of offices, the store caters for the commuter with long bars to sit at, and free wifi. It’s easy to to drink on your own here. Yet it also feels ‘local’ and manages to echo the sense of community found in more residential areas of East London.

Brand take-away: Consumers seek out brands that reflect their social values and beliefs. As a small independent that supports only organic trade, Shoreditch Grind creates a ‘mini urban village’ – a space which sits comfortably between home and work. It seems to gently push back against the growing commercial influx in the area, bringing the focus back to community without alienating the suits.