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Our influence comes from a rare and hard-won understanding of what today's consumers want and what makes them engage with the world around them. If our insights are right, if our work is based on a profound and true understanding of consumer - and client - needs, we will be influential.

9th September 2013

Gen Z Shopping: the future of retail


Meet the most complex yet most critical shopper of all time – Generation Z. By 2020, today’s 14-19 year olds (Gen Z) will be the largest group More

17th August 2012

The use of smartphones in-store


Smartphone devices will soon be ubiquitous but they are already affecting consumer behaviour with profound implications for retailers. Smartphones play More

21st September 2011

The Growing Influence of Online

201192171542_Cube image copy

While internet penetration in India may be low, its influence is on the rise. No longer polarised, brands are aligning the virtual and physical for seamless More