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FITCH Live brings brand communication to life by making it engaging.

It’s one thing to talk to an audience, to communicate information. It’s quite another to truly engage people. Communication, no matter how well planned and executed, can even work against engagement by stripping out the passion and involvement and simply delivering a sterile message. Because we understand the difference between communication and engagement and work hard to gain key strategic insights into the consumer/brand relationship, we’re able to devise and tell stories that bring brands alive and get people talking—positively. From planning and measurement to creative design, film and exhibition and event production, we have created brand experiences for, among others, the British Army, British Airways, General Motors, Microsoft, Nokia and Visa.

Recent Work In Live

McLaren Automotive

High Performance Design Solutions


McLaren recently launched a new road car division, McLaren Automotive. FITCH was asked to develop the visual identity, dealership environments and the launch and events program for the critically acclaimed MP4-12C. More