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After 80 years, Billy Butlin’s motto ‘Our true intent is all for your delight’ is still central to his brand’s success.

True to the founder’s pioneering spirit, Butlin’s is continually evolving and appointed FITCH to explore ways to keep the experience fresh. We focused our attention on the resort’s most popular attraction, the pool, and set out to create an experience unlike any other. Our design combine the glamour and sociability of the lido’s past with the expectations of today’s guests, in a concept that celebrates the seaside – inside.
Butlin's Bognor Regis Pool


Since launch new guests going to the Bognor Regis site are up by 17% compared to the same period a year earlier


More than 220,000 people have tried out the new pool with a 20% increase in dwell time


The resort has been at least 90% full for all breaks (peaking at around 96%)

The finished project is evidence that ‘value’ doesn’t have to be ‘cheap’ or ‘basic’. It incorporates the world’s first helter-skelter water slide, a ‘stick of rock’ racer slide, a modern Changing Village and café spread across 6,300 square metres. The art deco aesthetic is both classic and contemporary, and creates a sense of calm despite the guests’ high-spirited hubbub. The VR preview content we built to display our initial plans has been adapted for consumers at the Holiday Booking Shop to inspire potential guests. Today, we’re still working with the new Butlin’s management team to refresh the experience across accommodation, food and beverage, and its wider attractions.