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Transforming the world’s largest retailer

When Walmart approached FITCH, the brand was enjoying tremendous success with its e-commerce business and its Pick Up and Delivery services. Around the same time, the Walmart app was receiving rave reviews - but only from a select few who took the time to download it. Walmart’s innovation and operational excellence had failed to make its way in-store; at least in ways that customers could appreciate and find useful or valuable.

We set about evaluating the rising customer expectations, and looked outside of Walmart’s category for inspiration to truly transform the in-store experience. A store environment plagued with complexity and inconsistencies, to deliver “simplicity at scale” across almost 5,000 stores - and within the new COVID guidelines - formed our most challenging design brief yet.

We leveraged the power of creativity to spark systemic change.

Welcome to Swipe Up, where we’ve defined what it means to “Live Better” and transformed shopper behavior by activating the tool in every single customer’s pocket – their mobile phone.
This is a mobile-first in-store platform which has set a new bar for customer experience.

Our breakthrough strategic idea was born from a recognition that we live in a mobile-first world. Heads are down, but expectations are up. The power to unlock great experiences is found in the palm of our hands. How could we incorporate this into our design?

We began by viewing Walmart’s massive warehouse not as a physical space, but rather as the world’s largest user interface. The key pain point we needed to solve was how to get customers to quickly find what they needed in a 180,000 square foot box. We simply needed to focus our efforts on creating navigation that was bold, purposeful, intuitive and put the customer in control.

We were excited to be able to test our concept in a high performing Walmart store located near the brand’s headquarters, which launched to an incredible media reception. The concept will roll out to 200 stores by the end of the year, and to approx. 1,000 next year.
Walmart Swipe Up