Zee 5 Loft
Living portals to digital worlds

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You don’t need to tell ZEE5, India’s newest OTT channel, about the power of digital. Like the 440m millennials they’re trying to reach, they’re digital natives.

But even for a global media conglomerate like the channel’s owner, Zee Entertainment, getting and retaining people’s attention online is tough. Sometimes you need to interrupt the smooth seamlessness of the digital realm with some expertly designed, real-world friction. FITCH conceptualised and designed a string of 8 regionally localised cafés that would do exactly that, helping Zee 5 reach India’s millennials when doing what they love most: hanging out with their friends.


3 Months

The first Loft broke even in just 3 months - something unheard of in Indian F&B


4.3/5 rating on Zomato, India’s authoritative restaurant review aggregate


The Loft has helped ZEE5 grow its viewership by 1500%

Divided into different mood zones, each ZEE5 Loft lets people customise their experience thanks to a blend of hi-tech digital touchpoints and distinctly analogue, interactive entertainment. From the VR headsets, live gigs and audition calls to the DIY bicycle-based smoothie blender and fiery pizza ovens, every element helps translate ZEE5’s world of on-line entertainment into a highly sophisticated and refreshingly offline one.